Midweek Mayhem: RLCS Regionals Set, LAN Location Announced, Dickin Around

Catch up on everything from the past week, and get ready for RLCS action coming up soon. LAN here we come!

Shaquille O’Neal is Influencing Gamers, Team Enter eSports Sign Rocket Dicks Team

Shaquille O'Neal shows how the gaming world is changing. The Big Shamrock shows how teams like Enter eSports are the future.

Lachinio, Former Champion, Looking for Next Move

Lachinio is looking for his next move after poor RLCS season. Sometimes, commitment is an issue.

Gamer Girl of the Week

Melonie Mac on YouTube This is a new feature I’ll be doing every Tuesday. Hit me up on Twitter with nominations for next week @ManiacBison.

Rocket League is Becoming a Serious Player and Here’s Why Other Games Should be Scared

Long ago seem the days that Rocket League was a small userbase on PC that had a cult following. They just hit 30 million players which is nothing to shake your head at. At the rate they are growing it seems there is no ceiling for the potential of this game. RLCS is growing every year as well. One of the coolest things about having played this game for over a year is seeing how much better the tal...[Read More]

Rocket Dicks is going Far East and Is Going to Ruin Everything

http://www.pcgamer.com/rocket-league-is-coming-to-china-as-part-of-a-free-to-play-partnership-with-tencent/ Basically what this article is telling me is that in the not so far future we are fucked. Not only are servers unreliable already they are about to be imploded by the amount of Chinese people who will be playing come free to play weekend. Under the supposed giant “Tencent” which ...[Read More]

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