So I get back from work today, undo the belt, sit down and fire up some dicks. I got some free time before some NBA action, so might as well get a few games in.

Check this guy out.


Playin some casual 2s, messin around a bit, and also WINNING the game. Look how mad this guy is. Of course anyone who knows me knew I was sitting here laughing. I love trash talk. It makes everything more interesting and it feels good when you’ve earned bragging rights.

But come on man, this has to be the worst trash talk I’ve ever seen. I didn’t even want to answer. Tell me LaLa tastes like Cheerios or something. Get creative with it. There’s no room for that weak shit here. You wanna fight in the trenches I’m all for it, but this I just can’t respect.

Kevin Garnett didn’t die for this.