This. Is. Awesome. League of Rockets did it again. For some reason he knows how to hype up a tournament better than anyone else who has tried so far. I literally could not wait to watch the Twelve Titans and even just seeing the notification that it had come out and I didn’t have enough time to put aside to watch it for a while. When I finally sat down to watch it, it was glorious. I’ve been hungover since Monday but this brightened the day. How about being able to represent your country in Rocket League once every 4 seasons. That would be so cool if it was a legit World Cup. If they had qualifying rounds and everything. Tournaments deciding who will represent U.S.A and Canada. The match ups would be crazy and it would always leave the door open for a team out of no where to come in and win it. I tell you what, as long as League of Rockets is producing it, I’ll be watching.