What a way to start the day. Seriously I slept in and I’m still groggy and this woke me up right away. These were 2 very polar opposite teams where Mock-it’s offensive onslaught was going against Gale Force’s defensive meta. Mock-it was pouring the shots in and right from the start this series had a unique feel. Every time Mock-it punched Gale Force punched back. Even after a 5-0 game 2 they jumped right back on them in game 3. Game 5 went to OT which is always a big momentum swing in a series to have 2 closeout matches. Mock-it’s offense was on point. Miztik was hitting crazy angles and Fairy Peak was dancing around the backboard like a well trained dancer. Paschy was doing his best Neuer impression in net. Chaussette had a rough first couple games but stepped up big in Game 4 and 5. In the end their defense could not hold off the attack and Miztik cracked a dagger in 2 seconds left to secure their spot at LAN. I know there are mixed feelings about Mock-it but they seem to be clicking and their offense can be dominant and overpowering at times. It’s going to be fun watching them going forward. Gale Force made a nice run and they have a good team it seems they just got stuck in a bad matchup with Mock-it. Either way they will be relevant as long as they stay together.