Well Flipsid3 showed us exactly why they are a favorite to take it all and why they will most likely take the EU championship. After a slow start and falling behind 2 games once again they came back and won the next 3 straight, grabbing the advantage. It was time for Leftovers to prove why they are here as well. They were one of the teams to beat Flipsid3 this season in impressive fashion in a reverse sweep so you know Flipsid3 had that on their minds. They wanted to go for the kill shot. In game 6 Leftovers took advantage right away with 3 goals in the first minute. They were not going to back down from Flipsid3. Then it turned into the kuxir show. When this guy turns it on there is nothing you can do about it. every shot he puts on net with that batmobile is perfectly positioned so no defender can get to it. 4 goals in a row he strapped Markydooda and Greazy onto his back and carried them up the mountain. Ferra dropped in a beauty of an equalizer with 26 seconds left to keep his team alive. Another OT we went to and it ended with Flipsid3 and Greazy sealing it in overtime and automatically qualifying for Season 4. What a day this has been.