Selfless vs. Genesis

First game to kick off the day and the tension was high. Everyone was anxious coming into today and it looks like the teams were too. Genesis came out hot but couldn’t capitalize while Selfless calmed their nerves over the first few minutes. Once their team play started to settle in Genesis flat out looked lost. None of these games were really close. Klassux, the team captain, was practically invisible. Chrome was making very odd choices and ending up out of position often. Insolences was ready for his redirects and aerials but the teamwork just wasn’t there. With so much on the line Genesis really collapsed while Selfless saw their opportunity and absolutely stomped on their throats. Just took them to the shed out back and beat them raw. We’ll see if they can give a challenge  in the next round. Dappa Dappa Doo is a beast too.

Edit: Genesis completely imploded on themselves and I’m wondering how they even made it this far. I mean look at this.

I mean absolutely brutal, followed by an airing out on Twitter. Don’t know why anyone would ever play with Insolences again. Chrome has quit the team as well as Klassux and hopefully they can land in a better situation.


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