What a series man. Obviously a 3rd/4th place match doesn’t have the same kind of intensity as games earlier in the tournament, these teams put on a show. Dappur always seems to get a highlight play and he did on his air dribble that went over the entire fucking Denial team. It was back and forth the first four games and it looked like we would be getting another game 7. The game 7 gods were smiling down on us today.

Dappur looked good but Timi and Mijo were struggling a little bit. Denial was capitalizing on this and limiting their chances. Sadjunior was freakin on point. He was hitting some angle shots that didn’t even look possible. When Sad plays like this Denial can be unbeatable. He just can’t seem to find the consistency. We saw that when Selfless forced the game 7. Dappur was huge in game 7 and ultimately scored the daggers with 1:37 and 0:55 left to clinch that extra cash. That’s some strip club money right there. They got sights on bigger cash at LAN and like I said, them and Atelier are some teams to watch.