Well this one turned out to be a lot more exciting than our first match of the day. We got our first Game 7 and it did not disappoint. G2 started out slow and looked really nervous in the first two blowout games, but they managed to find their stride. Like a gazzelle running away from a lion or whatever they returned to their form and were making beautiful plays that looked all too familiar. Denial never gave up either and did not slow down. 2 shocker goals locked this up for them in game 7 and then the cherry on top at the end from Lethamyr. Don’t let him get hot. They can bring it home if he gets hot. Gotta give it to Denial they came out punching and knocked G2 back on their heels which is not an easy thing to do. Their teamwork is unbelievable. You got to see their composure here too and that only comes with being there before. They never lost faith and stuck to their gameplan and having exponentially more experience on their team is a huge advantage. Unfortunately, Denial was just better in this series and they could be a serious problem after taking down G2. It’s definitely sp00ky.

Every other team if Denial gets hot.