The showdown of the up and coming unsigned team against motherfuckin Shaq’s team. This one had all the storylines in it. Atelier is dangerous. I said it before I’ll say it again teams better be taking notice. They proved themselves with the whooping they put on Denial. NRG has been a perrenial powerhouse and this was shaping up to be quite the series.

It got out of hand.

NRG has established themselves as a dominant force to be reckoned with. Jacob might be the best in the game. He was seriously unbelievable and made everyone on his team a million times better while scoring insane timely goals to keep momentum on their side for the whole series. No one on Atelier could get going and they seemed to be disorganized at times. It’s a good time for this to happen to them. Hopefully they can learn from this and build because they do have a lot of talent. For now though, until I see otherwise, NRG is the favorite for the whole damn thing right now. Maybe Flipsid3 can change my mind tomorrow. Caleb said it best that they are the kings of NA and a dynasty.