Automatic Qualification in the RLCS

Let me start by saying I think this is a good idea for the league overall. It helps to keep recognizable names coming back and it also helps build their brand by having consistency. By having the same top players at least getting an opportunity to win fans get to continue cheering their favorites, and true rivalries can be built. Imagine if iBuyPower got an automatic qualification the following year. Maybe they play a little better and stay together on G2 and we have a completely different storyline here. It looks like Flipsid3 Tactics is going to have the opportunity to build a true dynasty. They get an automatic qualification (if it was ever in doubt anyway) and a chance to defend their crown, and I gotta admit, I’d be hard pressed to say they’re not the favorite in my eyes.


One thought on “Automatic Qualification in the RLCS

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