RLCS Regionals Hype Video/ Awards Recap

Amidst all the awards that RLCS is handing out today, we got a sweet little hype video and the schedules were released. You can take a closer look at the schedule in the second tweet. The way they are marketing this is awesome and I’m loving the awards. Making these stats relevant is so cool and in today’s sports world stats are king. I don’t remember them doing something like this but there were a couple interesting tidbits.

Scoring seems to be a lot higher in OCE, as we see all of the top 3 players are averaging over 1 goal a game. For comparison, in EU, it is kuxir97 with .939 and in NA it is Fireburner with .92. The Golden Striker has a nice ring to it though, something to put on the mantle.

The Clutch Playmaker award also showed the trend of scoring. In OCE it was Express averaging 1.08 assists per game. In EU it was Miztik with .82, and in NA it was Jacob with .92.

The Savior of the Season award gives recognition to the goalies who sometimes will be pushed out of the lime light. In EU it was Freakii taking it home with 2.32 saves per game and in NA it was Memory with 2.89.

If I missed anything you can go back and watch the awards show on RLCS overtime. With the hype video and now the regionals only 3 days aways. things are definitely starting to heat up. I’m gonna have a million wings and a nice 30 rack ready for Saturday and Sunday while we post up and watch some serious action.


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