We are officially in tha DANGAH ZONE. Only 3 more days until some serious RLCS action is going down. I’ll be live tweeting all day both days @ManiacBison as well as blogging my dick off. Get ready it’s gonna be one hell of a weekend. Without further ado… IT’S MIDWEEK MAYHEM.

Pullback Racers coming to Rocket League in June:

This is an interesting one. It’s adding a new dimension to their pay structure we haven’t seen yet. Basically, to get these DLC’s you will have to purchase a pack of hot wheels like I’m fuckin five walking around with my dad at Toys R Us. Not ideal for a grown man with a beard to be hanging around places like that alone. The bigger catch to this is it’s basically a lottery which DLC you get. Could be an Octane or it could be something unreal. Who knows. And they give you an option to pick your DLC for a higher price, but you can’t get any of the super rare items. We’ll see how this plays out but I can feel a negative vibe coming from it. Of course it will boom the younger age group and it makes sense from a business standpoint.

LANDiego was going down this weekend in the absence of RLCS play.

Matt, Sizz and Dappur took home the title this week in what was probably a welcome break from competitive play and also took home a nice little prize in the form of 1000 big ones. Hell of a weekend if you ask me. And they ya know, hang out in San Diego. Not like me drowning in rain one day then being happy if i get 60 degrees. Letting those pale white guns out. You know what you say about this place if you don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes. Anyways congrats to these dudes and I’m sure we’re all looking forward to getting back to RLCS play.

Random Thoughts: I was hanging out today and saw a pro player’s camera settings had camera shake on. I wanna get inside his head. Is it like a Larry Bird playing lefty because he was bored kinda thing?

Or does he know something no one else does? I guess I could see it being a feel the car kind of thing but to me it just seems like a straight up challenge to himself. Either way props to this guy because I need every advantage I can get.