I’ve seen throughout my time playing Rocket League that there are many different types of personalities. Behind the skill and talent of players there is still a mindset there. Every car has a little brain in it that is thinking and moving constantly and this affects every player on the team. Fluid teamwork is a beautiful thing to watch, and when it comes to teams like Flipsid3 Tactics, you see how perfectly matched up personalities can really push teams to the next level.

Team chemistry matters whether it is on a basketball court or in the rounded rectangle of Mannfield. A lot of this seems to differentiate “solo queuers” from teams that play together all the time. Most of the time I’m a solo queuer and I always wonder when I see players playing in private matches for extended periods of time, am I missing something? Is there an advantage to gain from playing private matches with teammates instead of playing against new competition every day?

I launched into this headfirst and decided to take the time to hit both sides of this question. It seems there are two separate groups out there. People who enjoy fine tuning and perfecting every detail of their game to put to work in a competitive environment, and those who choose to fine tune their game awareness, adaptability, and decision making by playing competitive more often.

Playing with teammates in private matches does have a YHUUUUUGGEE advantage. you can work on specific skills you want to use in game and really get them down to the point where they feel like second nature. Getting that flick just right so you can get it over your opponent and chase it in a game feels so satisfying after practicing with teammates for some time. Having people who have the same goal as you when you are taking time to practice speeds things up, makes it easier, and it’s honestly a lot more fun if you enjoy playing with the people you are doing it with. (If you don’t enjoy playing then what are you doing?)

Solo queuing also has advantages of it’s own. You learn how to be a better teammate by matching up with people with different skillsets. You can develop a much more well rounded game and I think this also leads to improving levels of skill very quickly. You get new competition with new weaknesses to find every game. You get knocked down, sometimes badly and you find a way to get up for the next game and have a short term memory.

There are two sides to this coin, and I believe that having a balance of both can lead to you improving as a player as well as a teammate. Going through the ups and downs of solo queue can make you a better teammate and playing with teammates really helps to fine tune your skill. So stop reading this blog and get to practicing. That Batmobile is getting some rust just sitting there.