Outlast 2 came out on Wednesday, and it definitely does the trick. I recently got around to playing Layers of Fear (in between dickin around) and I didn’t think a game could top how scared I got playing it. Well Outlast 2 just proved me extremely wrong. I got home to the download completed and we were ready to go. I flipped the lights off, closed the door, and cranked the volume…


After one hour of gameplay I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. The fear is real, the place is unknown, and the deaths are gruesome. I went into this game without reading up on it beforehand so I wouldn’t be spoiled with anything. Straight from crashing a helicopter in a desert I knew I was in trouble. I’m not familiar with this landscape at all being in the NorthEast which made me uncomfortable right off the bat. Walking through this desolate landscape and depending on what are apparently the shittiest camera batteries of all time kept me on the edge with eyes peeled the whole time.

Out of nowhere this Steven Tyler lookin motherfucker comes rushing at me with a pick ax and boom my dick is chopped off. Awesome. Not like I needed that or anything. Anyways we do a lot of dickin around on here but I wanted to give a shout out to this game and how great it has been so far. Hopefully it continues to live up to hype and if it does, I’m going to need to start investing in some diapers.