Psyonix has released projections of how much money they spent on Rocket League to create it and we can use it to project how much they have made thus far. 

Rocket league cost them around $1.6 Million to create. 

They only needed to sell 56,725 copies to be profitable. 

They just passed 30 Million players

That’s enough players to cover that margin 528 TIMES!

Again I’m not going to draw the conclusion here but the conclusion does seem to be an absolute fuck ton of money. And from the growth they’ve had Psyonix must be rolling in it right now judging by the profit margins. 

Seeing the math put out of those numbers is really incredible and even though these are rough estimates and probably not even right the thought that this is fathomable is still crazy enough to think about. Guess all that time and energy was well spent. 

Blogging from the phone doing it all. I’m just a maniac who couldn’t let this news slip through my fingers. Get at me @ManiacBison
Edit: jumped on this story really quickly. With further research Psyonix made 110 million in revenue last year and 70 million in profit. This also came on the heels of basically being profitable from free content. Whatever Psyonix did they did it right and have scaled pretty impressively the past couple of years. I think my conclusion would be fairly accurate that that is a FUCKTON of money.