It’s happening. eSports has taken big notice of the movement Rocket League has created and the teams that are starting to form are exciting. Previously, with no experience with organization or leadership many teams have had rotating casts, volatile performance, and even fallen completely apart.

Teams that are signing with actual organizations seem to be the best way to establish a foundation and tradition that will attract other gamers and lead the way for potential dynasties. Instead of player discension possibly leading to the downfall of teams, these organizations can lead and coach and extend a helping hand for these issues. It’s a great start and it’s exciting to see it happening before our eyes.

The audience of these players is starting to extend it’s reach. We’re not playing for friends and casual fans anymore. Jonas Jerebko owns an eSports team. Shaquille O’Neal owns an eSports team that won a championship and plays himself. The bubble is going to burst and I for one will be strapped in for the ride.