Welcome to Midweek Mayhem where I’ll be dunking knowledge all over you. Every Wednesday make sure you don’t burn yourself on the hot takes.

RLCS Regionals Set:

In about a week and a half we will be watching the RLCS Regionals and seeing who will make the push to get to LAN. Atelier and Leftovers locked up their spots today. Leftovers has been a pleasant surprise all season, seemingly coming from nowhere, while Atelier have continued to show they belong on the pro circuit. Tune into coverage to see who will make it next!

LAN Location Announced:

LAN is coming to LA! North American Dicks rejoice! It looks like we won’t have to be tuning into LAN at 8:00AM Saturday morning like we did last year in Amsterdam. LA is the perfect place for this event and I know everyone around the world is looking forward to it. Now we can watch Markydooda drop aerials the same place Kobe Bryant dropped hammers. Win all around.

Dickin Around:

Dickin around this week starts with me playing in a very special circumstance. In the Boost Legacy Xbox tournament last weekend I played on an 80 in TV and let me tell you it was an interesting experience. After changing up the settings on the TV to get input lag down as LOW as possible I strapped in. I was all set, just got my new painted black Endo I wanted to show off and had been practicing all morning. My partner and I jump into game one and boom, Season 3 Grand Champ. I’m not scared of a Grand Champ, I’m gonna give you a fuckin run and hopefully you’ll remember playing me. It was tight but in the end they were too much. I’m going to have let the Maniac out next week.

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