Hello Dominus, My Old Friend

I’m rushing home as fast as this late ass bus will take me. I have one thing on my mind… Rocket League. God damn, I’ve played this game more than any other game I’ve ever had. I bought Fallout 4 right when I was really starting to get into RL and I’ve barely touched it. That should give you a fairly solid idea of how addicted and committed I am to this beautiful, beautiful game.

The thing I’ve realized after hours and hours of watching  YouTube tips and scavenging for any sort of advice on r/rocketleague is that I’m most likely never going to make it out of gold. I’m at 500+ hours now and god damn it’s frustrating. Whether it’s my TOXIC FUCKING TEAMMATES (I get tilted now just hearing or thinking the words toxic or teammate) or my own inconsistent skills, I just know I’m not going to have the patience or time to correct my shitty habits.

But hey, it’s just a game right? WRONG. This is real life motherfuckers. All I have that keeps me going is hope that one day I’ll be able to do just one of those cool air dribbles…Just one.


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