Long ago seem the days that Rocket League was a small userbase on PC that had a cult following. They just hit 30 million players which is nothing to shake your head at. At the rate they are growing it seems there is no ceiling for the potential of this game. RLCS is growing every year as well.

One of the coolest things about having played this game for over a year is seeing how much better the talent has gotten. Every year the champions seem to push other competitors to be better. The skill learning curve is getting steeper and steeper if you want to play at the top of the game. You could specialize in 1v1 moves or be a facilitator. Either way these players are inspiring new styles of game play throughout the community and it’s something that clearly makes this game extremely unique.

To give you some context here, League of Legends, one of the biggest competitive games out there, hit 30 million users 2 years after release. It’s difficult to compare because of Rocket Leagues unique history with SRPBC. Over 9 years have gone into getting to this point. As a point of comparison, The game was widely distributed over to consoles in February of 2015, meaning just around two years have passed, approximately the same time and same amount of growth. I’m not telling you what to think, I’m just putting two and two together and I’ll let you make up your mind on it. It’s cool to see something like this grow and I’m sure others feel the same. In a couple months time we will crown another RLCS champion and the momentum doesn’t seem to be slowing up. All aboard the hype train. CHOO CHOO MOTHAHFUCKAH!