Lachinio, one of the best Rocket League players in the world, is at a crossroads in his gaming career right now. He was a shooting star when himself and IBuyPower won RLCS Season 1 and admittedly was one of my favorite players based on his style of play. IBuyPower was offered a deal by G2 Esports following their win and it seemed that the ship was ready for takeoff. Just a short year later, Lachinio had a poor performance in RLCS Season 2, failing to make the LAN. He left G2 shortly after for Team Iris, who also failed to reach their goals in Season 3.

Game commitment seems to be the problem most people are pointing to with Lachinio. I can understand it. Sometimes a break from the action is necessary so you don’t start hating the game. This leads to the biggest problem. The meteoric rise of this sport has left it’s fair share of players in the dust. Over Zero retired just a few weeks ago from professional play because of the stress it was putting him under. The skill ceiling is rising very quickly and can be hard to keep up with. I know even in my own games I feel myself having to very quickly evolve to new styles of game play.

Keeping up with new talent is a challenge in and of itself. There are no barriers to entry in this sport. You can play from anywhere and if you’re good enough for RLCS you can qualify. This builds to the greatest talent but also makes being a professional very volatile. Within the course of a year you can go from being on top to trying to figure out your next move. I hope the Canadian pro brings his fast paced style back to RLCS soon, but this is a fickle game, and only those mentally prepared and motivated will make it.