Rocket Dicks is going Far East and Is Going to Ruin Everything

Basically what this article is telling me is that in the not so far future we are fucked. Not only are servers unreliable already they are about to be imploded by the amount of Chinese people who will be playing come free to play weekend.

Under the supposed giant “Tencent” which I’ve never heard of they are releasing this game so it is not pay to win. I don’t think anyone who has ever played this game thinks it is pay to win, so it is an interesting PR move for them to drive all attention away from the fact they won’t even be able to play.

Also in this article it mentions a giant showdown between consumer friendly Tencent and global powerhouse Steam. I gotta say that’s probably a game Tencent is going to lose. Never underestimate the Chinese though. They will be better than all of us soon enough.


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